If you are looking for a fast computer repair, you have found the right place. We stock thousands of Apple, Dell, Lenovo and HP business class laptops, along with motherboards, screens, components and accessories. Whether you have a spill, broken screen or bad hard drive, you have found the right place for a cost effective and timely repair.   

Desktop & Laptop: No matter where or when you purchased your computer, regardless of the brand or age we can fix it.  Call us today for a quote or even honest advice if you are a little confused as to what to do. Our sales team can usually provide several viable options for any situation.                                                                 

Virus/Malware Diagnostic Check & Removal: Don't let your system be compromised or unusable. We also have many hard drive brands and sizes for all makes and models if and when a replacement is needed. 

Data Recovery: We understand how important and precious pictures and files can be. We will do all in our power to recover your lost data.

Give us a call or email us today, we can help.